5. Best Wireless Deployment in Rural or Remote Areas

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The Best Wireless Deployment in Rural or Remote area’s Award aims to focus on deployments in Rural or Remote Communities, in both in established as well as emerging markets.

We are going to be looking for new ideas, either from a technical or business model perspective, that are able to demonstrate a sustainable wireless deployment that provides demonstrable cost savings, revenue generation, ease of use or best-in-class access in low density environments. The service can be using Wi-Fi, in combination with licensed and unlicensed technology.

This category is open for governments (regional/city), operators and/or technology providers, charity organisation and non-profit organisations.

  • 5. Best Wireless Deployment in Rural or Remote Areas

    The submissions to be judged based on a combination of following key criterion:

        • Complexity or scale of deployment
        • Innovation applied in the public/private partnership model and/or monetization models
        • Approach towards coexistence and convergence of different network technologies.
        • New technical or business approaches to create a sustainable deployment
        • Long term market impact

    This category is for available services that have been launched and are available in at least one market by the awards entry deadline.