4. Best Connected City Deployment

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The Best Connected City Development Award aims to recognize the latest technical and business innovations for city deployments.

Cities and local governments have been implementing urban-wide wireless networks, to help improve connectivity to residents and visitors, and to support city services such as garbage collection, traffic and transport management, health services parking, traffic, people flow, tourist guide/ visitors management.

The service can be using Wi-Fi, in combination with licensed and unlicensed technology and open for Cities or Cities together with their Operator and/or Technology Partners.

  • 4. Best Connected City Deployment

    The judges will be looking at how well entries meet the key criteria, as follows:

        • Complexity or scale of deployment
        • Innovation applied in the public/private partnership model and/or monetization models
        • Approach towards coexistence and convergence of different network technologies, including Next Gen Wi-Fi
        • Improvement of quality of service to end-users and city services

    This category is for available services that have been launched and are available in at least one market by the award entry deadline.